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    Master English
    Learning foreign languages has never been so easy.
    Choose the fastest way to learn stress-free and master English in 12 weeks
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    Summer discount 25%
    Learn English
    without leaving home
    Immerse yourself in the language and become fluent in English without stress.
    The simplest method of learning a foreign language now at an exceptionally low price

About Lingualin Pro

An effective method for learning English
Wondering how quickly you can start speaking a new language? With the Lingualin Pro method, you can master the basics of English in 2 weeks and speak fluently with foreigners in 12 weeks. How is this possible?

Communication-oriented learning

A scientific method developed by neuro-cognitive scientists allows you to quickly learn to communicate efficiently in English in everyday life situations. After the 1st stage of learning, which takes about 2 weeks, you will be able to talk in English about simple topics and read important information in public spaces

Free English learning

Multilinguals confirm: the most effective way to learn English is to learn freely without feeling obligated or forced. The core of the Lingualin Pro method is immersion in the language by listening to interesting recordings. This means you can learn anytime, anywhere, and you won't even feel it. Put your headphones in your ears, click PLAY and listen all night while you unconsciously learn in your sleep

Immerse yourself in the language

Have you tried to learn English through other methods, but it didn't work out for you? The method was not adapted to your needs. Lingualin Pro is a way to learn English 'for the lazy'. You won't learn any rules by heart. Instead, you'll explore interesting facts about the topics you're interested in in a new language. Choose from 15 thematic podcasts

Motivation through play

Repeating, consolidating and testing language skills doesn't have to be stressful. With Lingalin Pro, you'll test yourself with interactive in-app tests. Each question relates to material you've already covered, and you earn experience points for each completed test. Collect as many of them as possible and exchange them for free English learning modules




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